The following readings will compliment your experience of watching the Virtual Grand Rounds Series at Teachers College, Columbia University:

Wallace, B. C. (2005). A Practical Coping Skills Approach for Racial-Cultural Skill Acquisition, In  R. T. Carter (Editor), Handbook of Racial Cultural Psychology and Counseling, Vol 2., pp. 97-119. New York: John Wiley Publishers.

Wallace, B.C. (2003). A multicultural approach to violence: Toward a psychology of oppression, liberation, and identity development. In B. C. Wallace,  and R. T. Carter (Eds.). pp.3-39. Understanding and Dealing with Violence: A Multicultural Approach, Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, California.

Wallace, B.C. (2000). “A Call for Change in Multicultural Training at Graduate Schools of Education: Educating to End Oppression and for Social Justice,” Teachers College Record, Vol 102, No 6, 1086-1111.

Wallace, B.C. (2000). “Mental Health: The Influence of Culture on the Development of Theory and Practice,” In Carter, R.T. (Ed.) Addressing Cultural Issues in Organizations: Beyond the Corporate Context, California: Sage Publications.

Wallace, B.C. (2005). Making mandated addiction treatment work. Lanham, MD: Jason Aronson/Rowman & Littlefield. Excerpt from CHAPTER 6, “Overcoming Negative Transference” pp. 133, 143-150


You may request a PDF of this packet of readings which you may print out for your reading pleasure.

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